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Coincharge - Bitcoin payment service
Coincharge – Bitcoin payment service

Coincharge – Bitcoin payment service

In the Coincharge division we offer consulting and technical implementation as Bitcoin payment service provider.

Offer your customers payment via Bitcoin and Lightning in the online shop or in the retail shop (point of sale).

Would you like to offer your customers Bitcoin as an alternative to credit cards and PayPal within your existing online shop?

By accepting Bitcoin you can open up new customer groups and further markets. We will be happy to explain to you what possibilities are available here.

For the technical implementation we rely on the technology of the BTCPay server. Thus, Bitcoin payment processing can be integrated into self-developed eCommerce projects as well as into established shop systems such as WooCommerce, Magento, Drupal and Prestashop.

We help you monetize micropayment business models, such as the sale of individual newspaper articles, downloads or digital data.

Would you like to receive the Bitcoin? Andreas M. Antonopoulos recommends:

“Don’t buy Bitcoin – Earn it”

Or would you like to have the eCommerce sales credited in Euro (Fiat)?

Then we can help you sell Bitcoin on a Bitcoin exchange. Thus, you have no exchange rate risks and receive the Euro equivalent credited 1:1.

Payments are processed on your own infrastructure and credits are made directly to your wallet. You are thus your own Bitcoin payment service provider and at all times the owner of all sales.

Further information on Bitcoin payment processing can be found at: