Coinpages – The Bitcoin directory

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Coinpages – The German language Bitcoin directory.

In the internet you can find numerous pages about Bitcoin and crypto currencies. Coinpages wants to help you find this unstructured information quickly and present it clearly.

After all, what good does it do me if an American online merchant accepts Bitcoin payments but does not deliver to Germany? The information is already out of date or the restaurant no longer accepts crypto payments.

Coinpages - The Bitcoin directory
Coinpages – The Bitcoin directory

Therefore Coinpages offers you an updated overview of all Bitcoin dealers, suppliers and service providers.

Bitcoin merchants and points of acceptance

Are you looking for a Bitcoin acceptance point where you can pay online or retail stores around the corner? Do you want to learn more about Bitcoin and crypto currencies or buy Bitcoin? You can find the right answer in the Bitcoin directory of Coinpages.

You will find all providers, information, dealers and service providers in the respective Coinpages categories.

Bitcoin Information

The Information section contains all information about Bitcoin. Here you can find links to news portals, books, podcasts and tutorials about crypto currencies.

Buy Bitcoin

Have you read up on Bitcoin and would now like to buy some Bitcoin yourself? The different ways to buy Bitcoin are divided into exchanges, exchange offices, kiosks and brokers.

If you are a Bitcoiner, you want to use Bitcoin and pay with it. All Bitcoin points of acceptance are subdivided into online shops (mail order) or as a nearby retail store.

Anyone who wants to top up their mobile phone or buy other digital goods such as web services, games, software and vouchers will also find what they are looking for at Coinpages.

Bitcoin economy

Companies that are already doing business in the crypto ecosystem can be found in the crypto economy. There are consulting firms, tax consultants, lawyers, as well as management consultants and marketing agencies that can help you take a successful step into cryptoeconomics.

Accept Bitcoin payments

In the same category are payment service providers, such as payment providers, if Bitcoin wants to accept payments in its own shop. As well as services related to payment processing, such as paying bills, changing coins or purchasing a Bitcoin debit card.

The goal of Coinpages is it that the society is well informed about Bitcoin and crypto currencies, as well as offerers & dealers are found fast and simply.

If you want to present your offer, you can add your entry to Coinpages for free.

Each entry can be described in detail, underlaid with pictures and linked to your own page. Shops with a physical address, such as shops or restaurants, have the option of a map display and information on opening hours.

The prerequisite is that it is made clear on your own website that you accept Bitcoin or another crypto currency or that you are active in the crypto industry with your company.

Users also have the opportunity to submit reviews and ratings for the respective entries and thus share their experiences.

If you accept Bitcoin in your shop or offer services in the crypto economy, then create your entry for free

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